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Are you ready to live passionately, with purpose, and tap into the infinite creative potential of your soul?


If you are reading this, that’s a YES!


Hi, Terra here! I am the heart and soul behind Heart 2 Heart Journey. I love working with compassionate and inquisitive people just like you that are on a quest for knowledge, self-discovery, and mastery. You know you are here for a reason and that you have a purpose, even if you can not fully comprehend your potential at this moment.


It is a true honour to assist you in aligning with your soul, so that you may share your light with the world!

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For many making the shift to heart-based living isn’t always easy; at times it can feel like challenging situations are coming out of nowhere, with work, friends, family, lovers, mental stability, financial stability and it can be overwhelming.

If you keep persevering and trusting the intelligence of the heart and that there is a divine order and divine plan beyond what you have planned, so many beautiful experiences and growth can come from it.

1:1 Mentorship

This is a hands-on intimate and private approach to gaining clarity and direction in your life through spiritual guidance …

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E-mail Readings

Are you in need of some guidance about a specific situation, but don’t have time to book a reading, or…

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Courses & Workshops

We offer a variety of courses & workshops that focus on self-development and personal growth through spiritual connection.

You will have the opportunity to learn various energy healing techniques, divination, how to enhance and develop your intuitive gifts and abilities as well as expand your soul studies through Akashic Records training and certification through the Soul Path Program.

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Offering group and individual readings, training and healing events.

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