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I am so grateful for the insight from Terra, during a recent Tarot card / Akashic reading for the year ahead. She has such beautiful way of interpreting the messages and she has your best interest at heart. Authentic and true, she helped me see what months would provide challenges and what months I would see rewards… this was key in helping me get focused and to keep plugging along on some personal goals. I have a sticky note on my computer that says "celebrate" for the month of July…. I am now refuelled to see this through and can visualize myself celebrating in July!  I would recommend a connection with Terra in any one of the services she provides –  you will come away with some wonderful GOLD nuggets!

Heather – March 13, 2021

I did the year ahead spread with Terra and it was amazing. Glad I gifted myself time with Terra and my soul.

Deirdre – March 8, 2021

I don’t know if I was more excited before or after my session. Terra is amazing! Been working on my “homework” already and am loving every minute of it!
As this is not the end and only the beginning, I’ll see ya later🥰

Meghan – Feb 3, 2021

One of the best things I ever did for my soul, my heart, and myself was book sessions with Terra.
After the first, my heart felt lighter due to the realization that what I thought I was feeling was almost the exact opposite of the feeling she described, and from that moment forward I had a bit more of a spring in my step (which I hadn’t had in quite a while). Finishing up this second session brought such joy to my soul as she helped me to bridge a gap in one of my major relationships. As a beginner to my Akashic Records, I highly recommend Terra for a relaxing, caring, and positive experience.

Karen – Nov. 27, 2020

It’s taken me a few days to put into words, regarding my Akashic records reading with Terra.💗✨ Loved how she navigated with such care, Holding Space, acknowledging what was being asked and how she presented the information with authenticity. I felt supported like having tea with a good honest friend. Terra is such a gift and recommend her with highest regards.🙏🏼

Talayeh Southwoods – Nov. 25, 2020

I had a reading from Terra on Oct 29 2020 and where do I start, she is such a lovely soul with so much light and love to offer. You instantly feel welcomed and allow yourself to open up to receive the most rewarding information. I feel so much happier, lighter, and brighter since my reading. The tools she provided me with I’m extremely grateful for. Her energy allows you to fully embrace all that is being given to you. Thank you so much, Terra. I highly recommend booking with her.

Chylla – Oct. 30, 2020

I was hoping to find answers in the person I was before.. but the root that framed me and why I was so blocked was because I was betrayed so many times through so many of my past lives that I’m the way I am.. and she helped me release the past lives burden and focus on the now and helped me with a forgiveness prayer.. I hope it helps.. I’m in the midst of trying it now.. masi cho Terra

Donna – Oct. 22, 2020

She is an amazing vehicle, for Devine intelligence. If someone can be able to let the deepest answers surface from your own awareness from talking to you, something bigger is the driving force behind that particular person.

Qedusizi Kunene – Oct 14, 2020

Just participated on tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces and it was just AMAZING!!! It’s truly renovating. Terra is such a beautiful soul and so gifted. Highly recommend to participate on any of Heart2Heart Journey events online or visit her website as she’s got so many different services for you to choose from. I guarantee, you won’t regret it. 😊✨

Maria – Sep 3, 2020

I thank Spirit every day for guiding me to Terra. Sometimes in life, we really can’t see the forest for the trees and in those times, it’s important that have people we can depend on to help shine the light and guide the way.
Terra has quickly become one of my most trusted advisors, as she is continuously shows up and delivers the most sage advice in the times when I feel the most lost. Sessions with Terra are always accurate, grounded and digestible. She’s never failed to provide the personal and practical next steps to help me navigate my journey in business and in life. She has very unique qualities that have always left me smiling and excited, no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I’ve felt. Sessions with Terra are invaluable and I will continue to consult with her for as long as she’ll have. I wholeheartedly appreciate and adore this woman, and I’m so grateful that she’s accepted and chosen to thrive in this calling on her life. The world is better place for having access to her gifts.

Shannon Droeske – Sep 3, 2020

I had a wonderful experience receiving a reading from Terra. She has a very gentle, non-judgemental approach. The reading takes place in a safe, soothing space.
Some of the points she picked up on were uncanny. It has helped me to better understand myself and given me areas to focus on. I received just what I needed from the session. Thank you so much Terra! Keep on shining. xxx

Faye – Sep 1, 2020

I first came across Terra on IG and felt an immediate pull to book my first Akashic records reading with her. I am so happy that I went with my heart as the reading was everything I could have hoped for and more. Terra’s kind and gentle spirit combined with her spot-on intuition provided a truly life-shifting experience for me, and I was blown away at the healing that took place in such a short amount of time. If you’re feeling called to have a reading done, I highly recommend booking with Terra. Your soul will smile.🌟

Corey – Aug 3, 2020

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