Hello star shine, we’ve been waiting for you!


The Soul Path Power Membership is a sacred space for a curious heart to explore all the facets of yourself as you continue walking along your soul path aligning with your true radiance.

You will receive spiritual guidance; support and tools to utilize as you experience your own unique and magnificent magic!

Each month will have a different theme to dive into that is designed to nourish your soul.

You will be given powerful resources to use as an ally along your journey of empowerment such as:

    • Videos & Guided Meditations

    • New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies

    • Weekly Astrology & Card Readings

    • Energy Healing & Activations

    • Daily Journal Prompts and weekly soul work exercises
    • High Definition Sound Healing Experiences
    • LIVE group video calls
    • Online Community, and MORE!

Enter the Soul Path Power Sanctuary now!

Are you ready to answer the call of your soul?


Answering the call of your soul isn’t always easy. You may be faced with challenging situations, hard decisions, and called to go against the grain.

If you just read that and said to yourself “why would I ever want to sign up for that?”

Because the rewards are limitless!!! You will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and be guided back home to yourself in your heart. You will experience magic and miracles and synchronicity will be a day-to-day reality.

When you consistently answer the call of your soul you are dialed into a higher power, tuned into your truth and moral compass, and in alignment with your soul.

You get to experience yourself in your essence and strip away all the labels, expectations, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears.

You become fully aware of your true radiance.

Hi, I'm Terra!

My purpose in this life is to bring forth transformative experiences that educate and empower others to take self-healing to the next level through reawakening to the spirit within.

I remember what it’s like to feel lost, hopeless, and at times completely powerless and alone. When you are in it, it can be hard to see things clearly or even see the possibility of getting out of where you are and maintain hope. Day in and day out, living to live, but not fully living.

I’ve been there. I KNOW. I also know there is a great strength and power that comes from being present with yourself and connecting to your spirit and this revealed itself to me when I started doing my inner work a.k.a soul work. I began to study and practice various methods of mindfulness and opened myself up to the parts of myself I had been denying for years. I am here to share the wisdom I have gained from my own journey and beyond with you.

I am a messenger for spirit and divinely guided to share the wisdom and power of the heart — channeling the sacred voice of the soul and unconditional love. This loving and supportive energy reminds you that connection to your spirit will bring you into alignment with your soul purpose and potential for this life, and it encourages you to go within to discover the truth of who you are and tap into your personal power through self-awareness and spiritual connection.


Self- Reflection

Using the daily journal prompts, there will be many opportunities for you to deep-dive into yourself. These journal prompts are carefully designed to help you peel back the layers of illusion and connect with your spirit and your truth to access your personal power.


Intuitive Guidance

Every week you will receive Intuitive messages for your Astrological sign as well as weekly updates for the collective.

Every month we have a LIVE event where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive intuitive guidance from your Akashic Records and any other higher-dimensional beings that are here to support your ascension process.



You will have an online Sanctuary and community of light where you can meet like-minded individuals and this can act as a reminder that you are not alone and offer support…especially if you feel like no one  “gets you” There is no doubt in my mind and heart that the Soul Path Power community will get you!

The forum is currently on Facebook. I want it to be a fun and easy way for you to express and share in a more creative and intuitive way, the capabilities that Facebook has provides this. If we find other options with these capabilities in the future we will review Don’t worry if you are not on FaceBook, you will still benefit from the resources available to you in the members-only portal.


Live Events

There are LIVE events every month where you can connect with our community of light and experience transformation through ceremony, sound, meditation, or channeled messages.


Soul Work

Each week you will be given soul work, think of this as a way to push yourself to be brave, bold, authentic, and unapologetically YOU! Remember you have free will; you can choose to do it or not, it’s up to you. This is your journey, your comfort level, and your growth – you do YOU!



You may find as you go through the days, weeks, and months things start to shift. It may be subtle or much more noticeable. Think of Soul Path Power as a journey of healing from the inside out. You are given tools and resources to connect to your truth, access the wisdom of your soul, and live from spirit. Embodiment is putting into practice what has been explored. Living in truth and authenticity.
I am so excited to have you here and am offering this invitation for you to join this radiant community of light!

Each month there will be

1 LIVE Guided Inner Journey to connect with spirit.

1 LIVE New Moon Ceremony

1 LIVE Full Moon Ceremony

1 LIVE Group Channeled Messages


Dates and times for the LIVE events are scheduled to accommodate our community located all over the world! You will have access to most replays if you can’t make it to the LIVE events



LIVE GUIDED INNER JOURNEY | Wednesday, January 12th @ 8:00 AM MST
LIVE FULL MOON IN CANCER CEREMONY | Monday, January 17th @ 9:00 AM MST
LIVE CHANNELED MESSAGES | Tuesday, January 25th @ 6:00 PM MST 

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