​Receive the support you have been seeking and desire


Transformation and growth are not always easy and can bring a certain kind of intensity that at times shatters your perception of your current reality and existence, however, through this process, there is great metamorphosis.

This is a hands-on intimate and private approach to gaining clarity and direction in your life through spiritual guidance and spiritual connection. This guided journey will provide additional support and guidance that is specific to you and your own personal journey. We will explore areas in your life where you would like to develop, flourish and grow; using multidimensional strategies for self-mastery through spiritual connection assisting you to fuel your passion, ignite your purpose, and unlock your infinite potential!

I will share methods with you to make the shifts you desire, enhance your ability to receive intuitive guidance, trust your inner wisdom so you can comfortably and confidently dive deep into the essence of who you are.


​You will love this 1:1 spiritual guidance coaching & mentorship experience!



Hi, I am Terra, I have walked through the flames of transmutation, fought countless battles within and despite it all pushed through. I have experienced the strength and power of the heart first hand and know that connection to spirit will make the path become clear and bring you into deeper alignment with your soul and beyond your greatest vision for your life.

I will share with you things that helped me on my journey; there are a variety of modalities that we can work within this personalized spiritual guidance coaching & mentorship experience to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are on a soul level and how to translate that into the physical world and discover new ways to navigate in the day-to-day.


ᴍᴏᴠᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ:

Unclear ☞︎ Confident

Lost ☞︎ Aligned & Connected

Intimidated ☞︎ Empowered

Unworthy ☞︎ Knowing your worth

Insecure ☞︎ Focused & super determined to acheive

We will explore the conscious mind, the realms of the subconscious and other planes of existence – deepening the connection to your soul as you reawaken the memories of the spirit within.


It is an honour to invite 1 amazing soul to join me in this sacred container of healing and transformation starting January 22.


Some of the modalities we will use are:

Akashic Records, Astrology, Ceremony & Ritual, Light Activations, Meditation, Energy Healing Techniques, Oracle & Tarot Cards, and Channeling.

The Akashic Records altered the course of my life; it is a powerful tool of healing and transformation and also why it will be explored in more depth in The Guided Journey. If you have previous experience with working in your Akashic Records we will work together to help you build upon this relationship if you desire.

Is soul work always pretty? or easy? No, it can have you going into the darkest parts of yourself, but you will come out shining brighter than you ever have before.

It can help you gain awareness, clear and release unwanted beliefs or patterns, ancestral wounding, gain clarity on soul contracts and help you connect with the essence of who you are.


Dig deep, it’s worth it; you are worth it & more!


In this sacred guided journey, you will:

  • Receive Spiritual Guidance and support from Terra
  • Go through practices to help you gain a clearer understanding of who you are and life’s circumstances
  • Be given strategies and tools to invite healing and transformation into your life
  • Connect to the essence of who you are
  • Claim your personal sovereignty

Soulwork = Empowerment

What's included:

  • A unique self-development program created and designed just for YOU!
  • Bi-weekly 90-Minute sessions with Terra for 3 months or 6 months through Zoom (First session is 2 Hours.)
  • Unlimited support and direct correspondence between sessions (text, voice messages, image, or video)
  • Private Akashic Records training/mentorship with Terra to help you with your self-study
  • Any time an Akashic Records reading is done, we will record that portion of the session and you will receive a downloadable audio track within 24 hours of completing your sessions
  • ​​Homework a.k.a soul work assignments and recommendations to assist you on your journey towards self-mastery
  • Guided meditations ​​​and intuitive development practices


​For the duration of your coaching & mentorship with Terra, you will receive:

  • ​Access to online events and ceremonies hosted solely by Heart 2 Heart Journey (Group Readings, moon ceremonies, meditations etc..) or any additional online membership programs that Terra creates during your time together.
  • ​You will have the opportunity to take any workshops or courses that you are interested in that Heart 2 Heart Journey is running that open for enrollment while you are coaching with Terra( Soul Path, Soul Guided & Soul Guide.) and any other course Terra offers or creates during your time together.

What people are saying


It is an honour to invite 1 amazing soul to join me in this sacred container of healing and transformation starting January 22.


The work we do in this sacred container is deep and intimate and I provide high levels of support and guidance to assist you on this transformative journey. The investment to enter into this container begins at $2k for 3 months and there is an option to do 6 months as well. Monthly payment plans are available.

Bring on the shift! I’m ready!!!

​Before we go any further, please fill out the application to ensure it is a fit for both of us. I want to support you every step of the way on this heart-to-heart journey.

After you submit your application and it feels like it’s a good fit, we will schedule a call so we can go over all the details together! Looking forward to taking this sacred journey together!


This is an investment in yourself and the ultimate act of self-love and devotion.

It is my intention to have you feeling empowered, inspired and ready to go out there and do what you are destined to!


Infinite blessings and gratitude,