Soul Guide Course


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This is a 4-week journey of exploration, empowerment, and commitment to walk the path of a Soul Guide.


You must have successfully completed our Soul Guided course to qualify to take part in this training


The Akashic Recordings are a powerful spiritual tool for gaining insight, clarity, and direction through the wisdom of your soul, inviting transformation into your life as you enter into an empowered state. Through living authentically and soul-guided, opportunities can present themselves more frequently and limitations and obstacles become much easier to work through.

In a world of conflicting and at times confusing messages, I feel that now more than ever connected to the Akashic records can bring, clarity, inspiration, and deep healing to those that feel the call to explore the mysteries of their soul.

If you are reading this, it is no coincidence; your soul has guided you to here because you are a cosmic wisdom keeper and guardian of ancient secrets; you are a teacher, a healer, and a soul guide; you have done this for many lifetimes and are once more being called to be of service to humanity; one soul at a time.


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