Intro to Reading Your Akashic Records Workshop


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The Akashic Records contain the story and blueprint of your soul; from the first spark of creation, expanding into many infinite possibilities; past, present and future. Accessing your Akashic Records can help you clear and release unwanted beliefs or patterns, ancestral wounding, gain clarity on soul contracts and help you connect with the essence of who you are.


This is an intro workshop where you will learn to access your own personal Akashic Records and create a strong foundation to build upon as you continue your Akashic development. All are welcome. No previous experience necessary.


In this introductory workshop you will:

-Find out what the Akashic Records are and how they can support you.

-Learn how to access your own personal Akashic Records. You will be accessing your records in this workshop.

– Be guided through exercises to help you gain a clearer understanding of who you are and life’s circumstances.

-Be given tips and techniques on how to use this powerful tool of healing and transformation in your daily life.



-A journal or notebook & pens

-PDF that will be sent to you before the class starts

– Open Heart & Open Mind



Couldn’t make the  LIVE class? You can still purchase this workshop and have access to the replay


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