Cosmic Activation Circle: Lionsgate Portal




This event will be taking place in NW Calgary and hosted by the Atlantean Priestess Priscilla Lightworker! I am thrilled to be co-hosting this magickal night with her! Connect with the Great Lion Beings of Avyon during the Lionsgate Portal.  Travel to Avyon, planet of the Lion Beings where you will walk through the Lionsgate and shed all that you were.  Receive an activation of blue sapphire light from the goddess Sekhmet.   Enter into the sacred mountain temple and go under a transformation to rebirth into our golden self.  Strong, wise and protected, you will receive many gifts from your guides and angels.

Items to bring: a yoga mat, light blanket, pillow, water, journal, pen and/or your favorite crystals.


What can you expect at a cosmic activation circle?

Warm, safe and welcoming environment where you can share any dreams, visions or obsessions about your connection to the stars, other planets, and the Galactic Federation of Light.


Yes! Save me a spot!!!!