Warning ⛔️ this is going to be very long. I started talking to Terra in October. I got my 30 minutes with her in Akashic records reading, she told me I am feeling guilty. I loved that straight up talking because for over 30 years ,if I can say I always thought I was being of service and she told me to let that go and took me in to a meditation, then told me to just live. I felt such a change in that week I soon booked another reading an hour and boy! was she awesome. She said to me this is out of the record it’s coming from me(her) take an akashic record class. Which I did. There she taught us how to get into my own records. Somewhere in there she told us that there are many many tools and at times we will be called to use those tools and we should use them. She made and example of reiki, which it was the first I heard of it and she said to listen to our selves trust that it is our souls talking to us. Well I didn’t feel drawn to look for that, until she brought a woman on IG that when I heard her voice I wanted to know more and more about her, turned out she did reiki too. Fast forward, in January we had that beautiful reading where she collaborates with another beautiful soul with astrology and akashic records they both told me January will be hard emotionally. Though there will be someone who will show up a mother figure ,that will take me to my childhood and I will be able to release that, boy were they right. Nothing changed in my day to day life but everyday I could feel myself going down a depression hole ,for no apparent reason. The person showed up and started working with me and amazingly that mother figure person talked about her own childhood that sounded exactly like mine that I had no doubt that was the woman they were talking about. (Specifically )Terra … “this is a whole reason for this review” said February is a new beginning for me, it looks like I’ll be just opening my arms and receiving a life long change. Well we are all bound to doubt 🙈. Long story short few days before February I got a call about a job I applied for 3 years ago and at the time the company was still working with another company and now they’ve moved to start a new company and went to their archives and picked my resume. 🙌🏻.
When I got to that interview, it felt like they were advertising themselves to me why I should I work for them, then they said they were going to call me on Monday because it was a Friday morning, instead they called that evening and asked me to come for an orientation on the Monday, sent me all the form to fill over the weekend if I decided to take their offer. 🤩 The job is everything I wanted and more, what’s more amazing is that she’s been so so accurate from day one she had the medicine and didn’t make me feel like she’s all I need. She’s brought all the people in my life that I could need and man! this lady is wonderful. In these few months I haven’t gone to look for anyone or anything I stayed at home and everything and everyone I needed came to me easily and effortlessly, in a perfect way through her. I sincerely thank you Terra from the bottom of my heart you are amazing 🥰🥰🤗