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Welcome to the Soul Path Power Online Community

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It is so wonderful to have you here and even more wonderful for us to have an opportunity to interact, share stories, pictures, and strengthen this radiant community of light!


Here are some housekeeping guidelines to maintain the sacredness of this space and our community:


1. Everyone is at different stages and places in life and to be mindful and respectful of this. No criticizing others choices feelings or beliefs...we are here to support each other and build each other up...Call me crazy, but I feel like everyone here is on the same sort of vibratory waves.


2.This is a space for self-development and growth. It is a solicitation-free and sales-free environment.


3. All in all be kind to one another and keep shining bright! We all shine brighter together!!!!


I invite you to share when you feel inspired, observe and most importantly be YOU!